This is a fantasy “reality” site about innocent naive Russian students and perverted doctors wishing to observe young flesh. Theatrical roleplay of crazy doctors and naive victims. Members are fulfilled with authenticity, wishing for more.

Russian Submission
Whatabout and site-specific rules:

  • This is a roleplay BDSM website about rough sex in bondage.
  • The site is about Russian beautiful girls who get dominated and fucked by their powerful bosses and/or Masters. The girls are beautiful, naive, fresh, natural, sometimes teenage, over 18+. All the participants have sex in full compliancy with BDSM principles – Safe, Sane and Consensual. Each episode has an interview in the end where actors share their emotions from the act and how they like it. So all is good. Therefore.
  • No bad wording: rape, rape fantasy, forced sex, forced sex fantasy, forced to suck, forced to fuck, even forced to cum, underage words, lolitas or cp (shit, we’d be surprised). Nothing like that. Any bad word and we all get banned.
  • Hey, we’re serious about bad wording – any references to forced sex or rape and first of all, you get banned from the program without payment!